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Welcome to the #Win10GamesJam.

There was a big push to use the technologies provided by Microsoft in order to create a Windows platform game during this jam. So we had Windows 10 Pcs with Visual Studio 2015 installed and most people were using the Universal application template which is a new template file for creating apps and games for all windows platforms within one project.

This saves SOOOO much time. I remember having to create my game for Windows 8 and then having and entirely separate project for Windows Phone 8. Such a pain. So using MonoGame (Who also now have a universal app template) we had from 3pm day one, to 3pm day two, to code a game and present it to a panel of judges from Microsoft, Unity and MonoGame.

All in all I think my team did pretty well. (Even if 5 minutes before presentation all our git repo and code corrupted!!!) I managed to save the day and recode all the corrupted segments in about 15 minutes which was beyond lucky. I've never seen a git corruption like that, it placed random characters in the middle of the code files and even checking out old versions still had it there!

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Broken Repo can be found here: Link