Little C# Monogame project

This project is maintained by Bigtalljosh


Firelor is a semi-engine and game being developed as I strive to create a multi-platform game. Eventually intended to target mobile, desktop and consoles.


I've been really rubbish at defining a scope for this project. At present I'm just adding things as I need them with no real plan of what needs to be in there.


Why am I doing this? I've been negligent since graduating from uni (the first time!) to actually create any kind of decent portfolio piece. Since graduating I straight away found myself employed as a generic software programmer. I became disheartened with this over the course of 18 months. I went on to decide I wanted to instead teach secondary school computer science. I was good at this, and for the most part enjoyed it. However after finishing the course I decided that secondary school is too basic for me to keep an interest. It isn't fair for people to have a teacher that isn't interested. I still believe to this day I could have had a far greater education would my teachers have actually been interested in what they were teaching. So then I'm stuck in the gap between college and uni lecturing. Both are significantly more difficult to obtain a job in. Which leads me back to my current situation. I'm back programming generic software. It is dull! I'm reminded every day of why I went to uni to study games programming in the first place. I've finally got myself in gear to sit down and create a game, not necessarily to sell just to prove I can. Additionally it would always look great in a portfolio and help me break into the industry I want to be in.

Authors and Contributors

Project lead doing pretty much everything - @bigtalljosh (myself) Additional members and friends may pitch in or even permanently join development at a later stage. (Friends have shown an interest) In which case this page will be updated in the future.